learning school for mentally disabled children in cape town

Qualification Criteria

  •  Acceptance from 5 years of age and older
  • The child must have been assesed by an Educational Psychologist or a Neuro Pediatrician
  • Completion of an agreed trial period
  •  Safety and compatability of our learners takes top priority

Centre Hours

Monday to Friday 08H30 until 13H30
Last Day of Term 08H30 until 11H00

We follow the Department of Education’s school term calendar for the Western Cape

education in cape town for physically and mentally impaired childrenCurriculum & Facilities

Beautiful Minds Learning Centre follows the National Curriculum Standards as prescribed by the Department of Education. It has been adjusted to accommodate learners with intellectual impairments. The Centre’s educational program aims to develop the learner’s communication, behavioral, academic, motor, social and emotional skills. The curriculum is hands on and an individual educational plan (IEP) is developed for each learner in order to improve his/ her abilities and independence.

Beautiful Minds Learning Centre strives to be familiar with all individual educational programs of the child and to develop and monitor the learning goals and skills when they are acquired.

The centre is wheelchair friendly and the accompanying of facilitators are allowed.